Saturday, February 21, 2015

Keeping a Building Binder

Throughout this building journey, I’ve kept pretty clear and regular notes. In a composition notebook, there are entries of the date and whom we spoke or worked with and what was said.
There have already been times I’ve looked back because we may not have remembered something the builder said, or I was curious how long another thing took to finish. The binder contains all the builder’s receipts that the bank forwards to us for each draw.
There is also a general building timeline I found here.

Also a pamphlet of one of our builders previous homes to keep as a reference for some of the same materials or finishes used.

Monday, February 9, 2015

House Progress

Family-wise, same stuff going on with school, work, kids activities. Lots of work with the house happening. We have most of our roof completed and windows installed. The kids are enjoying running around inside and I can just imagine their play from room to room when we are finally in.

Monday, February 2, 2015

February is Here

Most of the kids were interested in the big game, but it didn't go our way:

My measly attempt at Valentine's Day decor. Not much to do when so much is packed in boxes.

And look at this! Time to roof this thing. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Up, Up She Goes

We can officially call it "the house" now instead of driving by an empty lot. Men have been busy and this is their work for the last six days! First floor almost complete and second floor partially begun. We caught a lovely break in weather and forcasts for 50s-60s for the next seven days. We should be able to get the framing done in the next week. We have chosen where the stone, stucco, and brick will be placed and have to decide on colors today.


Garage Side

Even with all the extra support boards, it's fun to walk through the rooms

Upstairs in the gameroom

 Second floor partial wall up/Facing East

Second floor/Facing West

Upstairs looking down stairway

Friday, January 9, 2015

Touch It Once

Everyone is talking about ways to get organized here at the beginning of the new year. Usually I am ready to get back on track or try something new. So far this month, we have been continuing to pack all non-essentials, books, decor, things that we're not going to miss for a few months. It seems so early when we have a good six months to wait until moving, but it is so great to get things out of here and gain some clear space. In the process, I have been able to organize what's left and hopefully create some new habits to help maintain our stuff.

A few months ago I read something about the "Touch It Once" rule, where its basic principle is the item in your possession goes to the place it belongs. It's supposed to save time and those extra steps of cleaning up. This is a common suggestion from professional organizers, but I know can be a frustrating idea as well! An example in where I've tried to change my habits would be the dishes. Using the touch it once rule, instead of putting my dirty dish or glass in the sink, I decide to actually put it in the dishwasher right then rather than waiting until the end of the evening to unload the sink into the washer. That goes well for a bit, until the dishwasher is ran and full of clean dishes to be put away. Then I either start placing dirty dishes in the sink again, or taking the next step of unloading the dishwasher, even if that wasn't on my agenda at that time. I like that it takes away the dish clutter from the sink and counter, but still isn't completely realistic to follow all the time. Another area that does work for me is putting away my coat into the closet instead of hanging it on the back of the chair when I get home. Really, I think this rule is more about being aware of how you are controlling your space and making decisions at the current time instead of dealing with something later. I'm going to keep trying it out!

Besides organizing our things, I'm striving to begin using my Motivated Moms planner to help me keep a more consistent schedule in cleaning. I found this a few years ago and thought it was the smartest thing.

I have also used Susan's planner, from The Confident Mom (free!), but this year decided to go back to MM. Each is equally helpful and has helped me organize the never-ending chores throughout the house. I have mine printed and binded at the FedEx office near here but have also just printed a week at a time on my home printer and stuck it onto a clipboard. This schedule is different from what I saw my mom do growing up. She does dusting in all rooms one day, floors in all rooms one day, etc. But I have found the MM routine to work great for me and feeling like I am completing the household work. Check out both planners if you haven't seen them yet!

Monday, December 22, 2014

S L O W Going

Our progress on the house has not gotten very far. Due to rain and cold weather, two weeks have passed with the footings being poured, lots of dirt loads brought in, and rough plumbing done. The rebar is set and now we wait for a good day to pour the foundation. Fingers crossed for this week!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Last Christmas

We are all ready for Christmas here. The shopping is done, sweet treats are being enjoyed, and the children are ready for winter break from school. We all know that next year at this time we will be moved into our new home. That's exciting! But I'm a little anxious about what it will feel like. We've had eight wonderful Christmas seasons at this house. Will any of our traditions change because the space will be different? New decor in new rooms. More space for gift giving and sharing in a larger living room. Bigger kitchen for, hopefully, much more cooking and baking of our holiday favorites. This house has hindered us from doing some things as the space has gotten smaller and smaller. I hope we will still feel the coziness, though, in the next one.

Making Reindeer food by mixing oats and glitter together. Oats for the deer to eat and glitter to shine the way in the moonlight to welcome them to the yard!

Bags of Reindeer food, missing the antlers still. 
Lights hanging in the kids hallway using 3M Command Hooks

Our elf with a note to deliver to Santa. Boys were fighting and the older wrote "He Have Been Naughty" about the younger. We have a tattling problem currently :(
Our zip lining elf. Probably our most creative so far, done by the 11-year-old.
Our annual trip to Rhema to see their two million-lights display. We have done this for 14 years and is one of our traditions everyone looks forward to.

Great pic of the older girls, tween and teen.

We were able to take a trip on the Polar Express this year! The older girls had traveled a few years ago with my parents in Branson. This was a first for our area and could become something we do every Christmas. The train was beautiful and the cast members were very into their parts. We enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies while riding through the woods/town.

The train conductor came by and punched the kids tickets with their initial.

He asked them to catch the falling stars.....

And then throw them into the air!

Santa came by and spoke to the boys, by name! That was a surprise!! They each received a bell, just as in the book.